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We think we’ve got everything covered, but if we missed anything please let us know by dropping a message below!

We think we’ve got everything covered, but if we missed anything please let us know by dropping a message below!


We do not cater for returns unless there is something wrong with your item. If your item is not as described or you have an issue, please contact us here. Alternatively drop us an email at support@swishup.uk.

Our team do their best to monitor the items uploaded. If you see something that isn’t quite right, you are able to report it straight away by clicking the report button found on every item listed on the swishstore. If you need to report something else, please fill in our form or email support@swishup.uk.

YES! We have lots of exciting plans (held off by Covid) which we will be revealing soon!

We are sorry to see you go! You can cancel your membership here.

Our cancellation policy requires two weeks (14 days) notice. If you wish to cancel, please notify us at a minimum of 14 days prior to the date your membership is renewed each month. If you notify us later than 14 days prior, you will be charged for the following month. 

We operate this way to ensure your clothes have been listed on the Swishstore for a reasonable amount of time allowing others the opportunity to swish them. We have had an unfortunate incident whereby somebody has taken advantage of our platform, hence this new requirement.

By cancelling your membership, your account will be downgraded to a free account. This will still allow you to browse the swishstore but you won’t be able to upload or make any swishes.


SWISHUP is completely free to use!

Any clothes you swap out from the Swishstore are shipped to you for free! This means you do not need to trade bank details with anyone and keeps the platform safe. 

This works both ways meaning you are responsible for paying to ship any clothes you list on the Swishstore, when they are swapped out. 

We have permission from Royal Mail to direct you to their Click & Drop service! You will be able to arrange this when clicking onto the item requiring shipping and following the link. Alternatively you are welcome to head down to your local post office!


You can upload as many items as you wish! However, please only upload what you can afford to ship – just incase our swishers fall in love with your wardrobe! We recommend uploading each month rather than in one go to help keep the swishstore regularly updated!

As long as you have enough swishcoins in your wallet to cover the item you wish to remove from the swishstore, you are free to do so. If you do not have enough swishcoins, we recommend uploading a new item in its place. 

Yes we do, we like to think of them more as guidelines! These can be found here.

Find the item you need to ship on your profile under the ‘swished’ category. Clicking on each item will provide you with the receiver’s address. You will also find the option to click through and arrange your shipping with Royal Mail’s Click & Drop service. This is optional and you are welcome to head to your local post office instead!

Once you have arranged the shipping, please click the ‘mark as shipped’ button to notify the receiver that their swished item is on its way!

We request that you send your item off to the swisher within 5 days of the item being ‘swished’. 

Shipping is really easy to arrange online if you don’t have time to head to the post office. Please read the above question ‘What is the process of shipping an item?’ for a break down on how to do it!


You can only swish 1 item a day! We want to ensure everyone has a chance to restyle their wardrobe and SWISHUP remains a sustainable option – let’s stop making slow fashion fast! Your allowance refreshes at midnight every night! 

If you wish to swish more, upgrade to our premium account.

Yes, you can! Items are only categorised by their size and weight to provide a fairer swishing experience. You can spend your swishcoins on any item in the swishstore!

If you swap out an item and the swisher does not follow through with shipping, you need to contact us. Please only contact us after waiting a minimum of 7 working days. We will then contact the swisher on your behalf in order to resolve the issue.

As a last resort, your swishcoins will be refunded and the swisher will have a strike marked against their account. Find out more about Account Strikes in our Terms and Conditions. We do not tolerate fake sales. 

For this reason we always recommend you keep proof of postage when sending an item!

Please allow a minimum of 7 working days for your item to arrive after receiving notification of your item being marked as shipped. If it is still not with you, contact us on support@swishup.uk and we will contact the swisher responsible to resolve the matter.

Occasionally, the dreaded ‘lost in transit’ curse falls upon a swished item. If this is the case, your swishcoins will be refunded.

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